Week 3

What to expect at 3 weeks

poppy seed

At 3 weeks your baby is smaller than a poppy seed.

Baby is a Group of Cells
You’ve conceived! Meaning your soon-to-be-fetus has started its transformation from solitary cell to bouncing baby boy or girl.  Within hours, it divides into two cells, then four, and so on, until the growing cluster is around 100 cells just a few days after that first meeting between sperm and egg.

Becoming a Baby
At this point in the journey your zygote is making its way up the fallopian tube where it will find residence in your uterus until birth! It takes about 6 days to travel and will arrive around week 4 which is the week you will miss your period and know for sure that you are pregnant!

Your body at 3weeks

The very real and mostly obnoxious pregnancy hormones will start pumping. Progesterone and some estrogen are gearing up to take over your emotions, body and more for the next 9 months. However you won’t see a huge change in these things until you are further along. A few things that you might start to notice that could alert you to being pregnant are: Heightened sense of smell, dizzy spells, or a little bit of belly sickness could all be early indicators that you are actually pregnant.