Week 4

What to expect at 4 weeks

poppy seed

At 4 weeks your baby is smaller than a poppy seed.

Placenta & Embryo Form
At 4 weeks your  baby has finally settled in to his/her new home for the next 9 months. Once there, it burrows into your uterine lining and implants — making that unbreakable connection to you that’ll last a lifetime! Once comfortable that little ball of cells will soon break into 2 groups. One group will become the actual baby while the other group will become the placenta or your baby’s lifeline.

Sacs and Layers
At this point your little poppy seed is getting many layers of protection that will eventually turn into part of the little one. As well as sacs of fluid to help with the growth of all these layers and protection during the next 9 months. There are 3 distinct layers of cells that will grow into specialized parts of your baby’s body. The inner layer, known as the endoderm, will develop into your baby’s digestive system, liver and lungs. The middle layer, called the mesoderm, will soon be your baby’s heart, sex organs, bones, kidneys and muscles. And the outer layer, or ectoderm, will eventually form your baby’s nervous system, hair, skin and eyes. The body is about to do some amazing things!

Your body at 4 weeks

Still oblivious
Your body is gearing up to do amazing things and is already doing amazing things. However, other than those pesky pre-pregnancy could be confused for menstrual signs you may not have a clue you are pregnant yet.