Week 7

What to expect at 7 weeks

7 weeks - blueberry

At 7 weeks your baby is the size of a blueberry.

Arms & Legs Develop
At 7 weeks your little one has little buds where the arms and legs will eventually be. From here on out those little limbs will be growing stronger and longer each week.

Mouthy Little Bugger
The mouth and tongue are forming this week. The kidneys are also forming this week which will help rid waste from the little ones system. Baby will soon start to produce urine but don’t worry you don’t need diapers just yet.

Your body at 7 weeks

Swollen Breasts
By this time your breasts are quite large. As fun and exciting as this sounds they will be so tender and sore that you will not want anyone near them! The bad news is that your breasts will remain tender throughout pregnancy but they will go back to normal once you are done breastfeeding. You may also be noticing the areola or nipple is getting darker and larger. This is your body getting ready for breastfeeding. The areola will continue to get darker and bigger in the weeks to come.