Week 8

What to expect at 8 weeks


At 8 weeks your baby is the size of a Large Raspberry.

Hear The Heartbeat
By week 8 your baby’s heartbeat is now audible via ultrasound. This is one of the main reasons most doctors won’t confirm your pregnancy until you are 8 weeks pregnant. So remember to take tissues to that first ultrasound because hearing that first heartbeat is always an emotion/amazing experience.

Your body at 8 weeks

So Tired
Extreme tiredness is totally normal during the first trimester of pregnancy. At this point you body is working triple time to make a baby. Think about all those organs, body parts, etc that you body is building. Don’t worry your energy levels will pick up throughout the next few weeks and into your second trimester. Some things to help with the tiredness is healthy snacking to give you a little boost and exercise (doctor approved). Talking a walk around the block and a good snack could help get you through the day!