Week 10

What to expect at 10 weeks

10 weeks prune

At 10 weeks your baby is the size of a prune.

This week your baby is looking more and more like a human. With bones and cartilage forming this week baby is able to flex his/her arms and legs because of joints.

Baby’s First Tooth
Your baby’s little teeth are starting to form this week, under the gums of course. Teeth will not pop through the gums until after baby is 6 months old. Also happening this week is more digestive juices being produced. The kidneys are producing more urine and, if it’s a boy, he starts producing testosterone.

Your body at 10 weeks

This week and throughout the rest of your pregnancy you may be experiencing a little bit of blockage. Due to those oh so awesome pregnancy hormones. A lot of pregnant woman will experience hemorrhoids because of all the pushing but there are ways to avoid this. Make sure to drink tons of water, exercise and consume fiber to help get the plumping working smoothly!

Tummy & Veins
This week you may start to notice that your lower abdomen is starting to get a little rounder and show a little more. It might look like you just ate a big meal but that is the start of this magical adventure. If you aren’t noticing that little pouch yet don’t worry it will come in the next few weeks. You will also notice more and more veins showing up. This is due to the increased blood flowing through you to help support you and your baby. Don’t worry they will go back to how they were once you give birth but until then think of them as a pregnancy flag!