Week 11

What to expect at 11 weeks

11 Weeks

At 11 weeks your baby is the size of a lime.

Baby has fingers and toes
That little one has been very busy growing and developing. At this stage in the game, He/She is developing toes and fingers. So no more of those fish like appendages. Baby is also growing some other very important assets like nasal holes are the nose and visible nipple.

Your body at 11 weeks

Bloating and Burping
At 11 weeks your body should be coming down from the morning sickness and you should start to feel better, hungry and have more energy. One thing to be aware of during this week is even though you may be very hungry be conscious of what you are putting in your mouth.

We tend to take the “eating for two” a little too literal and start stuffing our faces which could lead to a lot of bloating and burping. Your body is producing a lot of progesterone to help slow down your digestion to help baby absorb nutrients which will lead to the bloating. In order to avoid this oh so uncomfortable situation try your best to avoid junk food and other foods that you know will leave you gassy.