Week 13

What to expect at 13 weeks

13 Weeks

At 13 weeks your baby is the size of a peach.

Growth Rate
At this point in time baby’s head is about half of his/her body. Which is why you think alien instead of baby when you see ultrasounds! Don’t worry though by the time you give birth baby will be proportionate.

Bones, Intestines, Vocal Cords
At 13 weeks there are big things happening in your belly. First off that little bean now has bones inside his/her arms and legs so you might start to feel some very jerky movements as baby explores these new limbs. Second baby will finally have intestines in his/her body. Up till this point their intestines have been functioning from the umbilical cord where they have been growing and being put to use. Now they are moving into baby’s body where they will have a permanent home. Last those little vocal cords are forming this week. You may not be able to hear them until baby is born but that little one will be practicing using them inside your belly.

Your body at 13 weeks

Vaginal Discharge
Something you might have noticed recently is an increase in your vaginal discharge. Known as leukorrhea, this perfectly normal discharge is thin, milky, mild-smelling (sometimes even odourless) and can be expected to increase as your pregnancy progresses. Its purpose is noble: to protect the birth canal from infection and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the vagina. Unfortunately, in achieving its lofty goal, leukorrhea can make a mess of your underwear. If it makes you more comfortable, use a panty liner (never a tampon) to stay dry. Never douche while you’re pregnant, which can upset the normal balance of microorganisms, leading to vaginal infections and even force air into the vagina during pregnancy, which can be dangerous.

Sex During Pregnancy
Sex during pregnancy is all about your choice and how you feel. Make sure to talk with your partner about your feelings so you can both be on the same page. Some women can be uncomfortable with their growing belly and tender breasts while others may feel hotter than ever.  Just go with the flow and have fun. The bigger you get the trickier it may get some you might have to think outside the box!