Week 14

What to expect at 14 weeks

14 weeks - apple

At 14 weeks your baby is the size of an apple.

Hair All Over
For baby its all about hair growth. Hair growth isn’t limited to the top of the head. Along with the eyebrows your baby is growing body hair called lanugo. This hair is mainly for body warmth. Don’t worry your little one won’t come out looking like big foot, this is just to keep he/she warm until fat starts to accumulate and take over. However, if your little one comes early they might still be a little fuzzy.

Standing Up
Even though you are not able to feel your little one quite yet he/she is moving around like crazy. The neck is getting stronger which is helping your baby stand up and walk around for lack of better words! This is a big leap for your little one.

Yep, this week your baby boy or girl has fully grown genitals. However, they may still be pretty hard to detect on an ultrasound.

Some other interesting facts this week include the forming of the roof of the mouth, as well as some digestive system activity. The baby is producing meconium, which is the waste that will make up his first bowel movement after birth, that black tar like poop so don’t be worried when you first see it. That is totally normal.

Your body at 14 weeks

Second Trimester!
The second trimester seems to be the favourite for most moms to be. That is due to the fact that some of those first-trimester pregnancy woes are subsiding. Not as much sickness, not so many potty breaks, breasts are a little less tender, etc. The second trimester also brings with it a bit more energy and the excitement of maternity shopping for you might be starting to actually show a prego belly and not a burrito belly!

Low Abdomen Pain
This is a big one for your second trimester. Because your little bean is growing and going forward, aka stretching the belly your abdomen muscles are getting the strain of the extra weight. So if you are feeling some low belly pain, similar to painful menstrual cramps then rest with your feet up in a comfortable position to help take the strain off those ligaments.