Week 15

What to expect at 15 weeks

Your baby is the size of an orange.

Looks like a Baby
At 15 weeks your baby is growing more and more each week and with each week he/she starts to look more and more like an actual human baby! By now the ears are at the side of the head, they start near the neck. The eyes are moving to the front of the face instead of being at the sides of the head. The body is doing amazing things with your sweet pea right now and it is fascinating.

So what is your little one doing all day long? Practice, practice, practice. Your little one is getting ready to enter the real world so practice makes perfect. Not only is baby practising breathing, sucking and swallowing but he/she is also doing daily exercises by kicking, punching and doing flips!

Your body at 15 weeks

Feeling Good!

At this stage of the game life should be pretty good. You should be feeling better, your not too big to get around, you have a burst of energy and your so excited for that little bundle of joy to get here.

Mouth Issues
Because of those amazing pregnancy hormones your body is starting to act different to different types of bacteria. The gums are an easy first target. You may notice them start to swell, get red or even bleed when you brush or floss. Your increase of hormones can trigger gingivitis or inflammation in the gums so be mindful and take a peak at those pearly whites often to make sure you are okay.

Weight Gain

One of your biggest goals during the second trimester is to gain weight so your little one can too. You should be experiencing about 1 pound a week during this phase, netting 4 pounds a month on average.