Week 16

What to expect at 16 weeks

Your baby is the size of an avocado.

Eyes are working
That precious bundle of joy is going through some awesome changes at 16 weeks. The spine and back muscles are helping him/her straighten the neck and stand a little taller. The muscles in the face are also developing so baby can frown, squint and make some facial expressions as well as working eyes. Even though the lid is still sealed baby is now able to perceive light and move his/her eyes side to side and all around.

Eyebrows & Lashes
Baby is also starting to grow hard on the eyebrows as well as some lashes. However, the hair will be very fine when the baby is born and become darker within the first year.

Time to start talking
The tiny bones in his/her ear are fully developed meaning baby can hear your voice. So talk, sing and/or communicate with your baby as much as you can until birth. You may notice that they will recognize a song or tune that you played them in the womb.

Your body at 16 weeks

Weight Gain
By now you are at the point where people can tell its a baby and not a burrito you just ate. Gaining weight for any woman is hard, even when it is for an amazing reason. So remember to eat right (avoid junk), exercise (if permitted) and make sure you take time to pamper yourself at your new weight such as buying a cute maternity outfit or getting your feet rubbed.

Stuffy Nose
Those pesky hormones are at it again. This time they are taking over the nose. If you are experiencing a stuffy nose that is uncomfortable, talk to your doctor to see what they recommend to help get you comfortable.