Week 17

What to expect at 17 weeks

Your baby is the size of an open hand.

Swallowing & Sucking
At 17 weeks your little one is starting to pack on the fat. Which will continue to accumulate from now till the end of your pregnancy. Baby’s heart is now regulated by the brain which means no more random beats. That little organ is pumping at twice the rate of yours nowadays. Baby is also practising for life outside the womb. Fun fact: baby will know most of his/her survival skills before they breathe that first breath of air. So right now he/she is practising swallowing and sucking skills with amniotic fluid.

Very Own Identity
That little baby of yours is getting his/her very own identity this week. Meaning FINGERPRINTS! That’s right, this week his/her hands and toes will get there own unique, individual pattern.

Your body at 17 weeks

Increased Appetite
By now the days of hugging the toilet bowl is hopefully behind you. With your growing belly you will have a growing appetite naturally. That little bean is growing rapidly and needs fuel, as well as your ever-changing body. However, eating for two should never be the motto at this stage of pregnancy. You may be able to polish off more food then you ever have before which is totally normal but make sure that you are fueling yourself and that little baby with good, healthy foods that are beneficial for both you and baby. If you eat for two you may double in size. While gaining weight is part of the pregnancy game there are specific amounts that should be your guide to keep you on the right track of healthy weight gain.