Week 21

What to expect at 21 weeks

21 weeks carrot

Your baby is the size of a carrot.

Play Time
Your little one is growing at a fast rate but he/she still has a lot of room in your womb for play time. This is the time you will start to feel the flips, tricks and somersaults that your little one is doing to pass the time before their home gets too cramped.

Taste Buds
Your little one has been practising each day for life outside the womb. He/She has been practising swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid not only to stay hydrated and for nutrition but it has been helping develop those taste buds. You may notice your little one get hiccups after certain foods or start moving around. This could be an indication of something they like or maybe don’t like. You will be able to see that after they are out of the womb. Some say that babies will be drawn towards the foods they liked in the womb first. So if you want your baby to like veggies now is the time to eat them.

Baby’s arms and legs are finally proportionate which means your little one is practising his/her coordination skills.

Your body at 21 weeks

Stretch Marks
Now is the time that you may start to notice stretch marks forming on your belly, breasts, and everywhere that is growing with that little bundle of joy. 1 in 2 women are predisposed to get stretch marks. There is no proven way to avoid this lines of birth but moisturizers such as coconut oil have been known to help prevent them. Remember the more lubed up your skin the easier it will stretch without leaving a mark.