Week 22

What to expect at 22 weeks

Your baby is the size of a small doll

1 pound
This week your baby has hit a big weight milestone. Your baby is finally 1 pound.

Grip, Vision & Hearing
Baby is becoming quite strong. His/her sense of touch is improving each day. The sense of sight is also becoming more fine-tuned this week. His/her eyelids are still fused together but that little sweetie can perceive dark and light better than before. Try holding a flashlight to your belly and see what happens! Baby can also hear better than before so keep talking, reading and singing to that little bean so he/she will know your voice outside the womb.

Your body at 22 weeks

Foot Growth
During pregnancy, your belly isn’t the only thing that will be growing. Your feet may also grow a half to full size bigger and this won’t go back after. Foot growth could be due to the swelling that comes with pregnancy or with the hormone that is causing your ligaments to relax in preparation for birth. Either way, you may be needing a new pair of shoes this week!