Week 23

What to expect at 23 weeks

Your baby is the size of a papaya.

Fetal weight gain
Baby is getting bigger and bigger. Your little one will double in weight this next four weeks, as will momma. The baby is starting to gain fat deposits which will help fill out the frame and give them that cute little chubby look once they are born.

Hear baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope
By now you have probably heard your little ones heartbeat through the doppler many times now but now you can hear it through a regular stethoscope. That little heartbeat is getting stronger!

Your body at 23 weeks

Brain Function
Your belly may be growing each day with your little one but pregnancy affects more than just your belly. Now you will experience that fun thing we call “pregnancy brain.” You will feel a little fuzzy and forgetful which can be frustrating but it is due to progesterone running through you. It will go away don’t worry.

Linea Nigra
The linea nigra, which runs between your belly button and your pubic area, is a dark line that could be hairy that resembles a mans happy trail but goes all the way up to your chest. It is caused by the same pregnancy hormones responsible for all the skin discolourations you might be seeing. Like the darker shade of your areolas and the deeper tone of the freckles on your arms and legs. All these skin changes will fade within a few months after delivery.

Around this time mommy might be getting a little nervous, mainly due to all the hormones running through you. This is the best time to start learning some relaxation techniques to help not only you relax but baby too. The more stressed you are the more stressed your baby will be.