Week 24

What to expect at 24 weeks

Your baby is the size of an ear of corn.

We Have A Face
That amazing little face is almost fully formed. We are talking eyelashes, eyebrows & hair. Your baby still needs to develop more fat deposits so his/her face is still transparent but those distinct features are forming!

By now you will notice that some sounds will make that little one move. Your baby can hear all sorts of sounds now. From the sounds inside your body to the ones outside. So talk, play music or read to your little one.

Your body at 24 weeks

Carpal Tunnel
If you are starting to notice an uncomfortable tingling or numbness in your wrists and fingers don’t panic that is normal. The fluids that are accumulating in your lower extremities during the day and causing your feet to swell are the same reasons your hands feel bigger once you lay down. That fluid gets redistributed when you lay down. It helps if you prop your hands up on a pillow while laying down.

Glucose test
Between 24 and 28 weeks your doc will administer a glucose test. This could indicate if you have gestational diabetes. Don’t fear this is temporary and will go away after birth but it is a serious condition that if you do have if make sure to talk to your doctor about how to treat it.