Week 28

What to expect at 28 weeks

28 weeks png

Your baby is the size of a cucumber.

Sweet Dreams
Brainwave activity measured in a developing fetus shows different sleep cycles, including the stage when dreaming occurs.

Your body at 28 weeks

Sciatica pain
You are two-thirds of the way done. Long gone are the days of ease. You are growing bigger and bigger each day with your little one and your comfort level may be taking a giant hit. One of the big ones this week could be sciatica pain or low back/tingling leg pain. Bigger baby & bigger uterus could be pushing on your sciatica which could be sending shooting pain down your backside and through your legs. Baby may shift a bit to ease the pain or you might be stuck with it until you deliver. The best thing for you do to in this situation is to get comfortable, get off your feet and keep a smile on your face for you are creating life!