Week 30

What to expect at 30 weeks

30 weeks cabbage

Your baby is the size of a cabbage.

Babies Brain is getting bigger
Your baby is preparing for life outside the womb. In order to survive the “streets” the little one needs those street smarts. Basically your babies brain is growing so much right now. The babies head will take on the appearance of wrinkles and creases which is the best indication that the brain tissue is growing and needs more space.

Gaining Fat
Your little one is now able to produce enough fat to be able to regulate his/her own body temperature.  With the development of the fat cells comes the disappearing lanugo. Lanugo is that baby body fuzz that has been keeping them warm up until this time. However, your little one might have a little left over lanugo when he/she is born. It may appear on the back of the neck or shoulders if they do!

Bone Marrow takes over making red blood cells
This is one of the biggest developments during this week. Before now your baby was making red blood cells through tissue groups and the spleen. Now the bone marrow has completely taken over the production of the red blood cells which is getting them ready for live outside the womb.

Your body at 30 weeks

Only 10 more weeks to go! However, some of those first trimester woes will be coming back to try and make you as uncomfortably as possible until your little one arrives. Baby is pushing on your bladder so the need to pee all the time is coming back, as well as that pregnancy heartburn and fatigue.

The most annoying part of pregnancy is the heartburn. Right now it might be worse than ever. The reasoning behind that is because the same pregnancy hormones that are helping relax your pelvic muscles to prepare for child birth are also relaxing the ring that separate the esophagus from the stomach. Which is allowing food & drink to go back up and setting you on fire!

Swollen ankles & feet
75% of women are starting to struggle getting into their shoes. This is about the time that your feet will start to get really puffy. The best thing to do is wear comfortable shoes and put your feet up often to help reduce swelling.

This will be an issue until the end of your pregnancy. So if you are finding that your bowls are becoming more sluggish take in more fluids and fiber to help with relief.