Week 31

What to expect at 31 weeks

32 weeks squash

Your baby is the size of a squash.

The Five Senses
Your baby’s brain is developing at a super fast rate. Baby can process information, track light and is getting signals from all 5 senses. However, since your little one is still submerged in amniotic fluid his/her sense of smell with be the last sense to develop because that happens outside the womb. Don’t fear it happens quickly and it warms the heart to know that baby’s first smell will be mom!

Little Mover
You may notice that your little one is getting more and more active. Kicking feet, hiccupping, breathing, swallowing, even making faces. Fun fact some babies even suck their thumb in the womb. Even to the point of being born with a callus on their thumb. The body is so amazing!

Your body at 31 weeks

Takes your breath away
Right now your uterus is about four inches above your belly button which means that it is squishing all your internal organs up into your lungs. This may result in that feeling of not being able to get a full breath. It may get better towards the end of your pregnancy when the baby drops down into your pelvis. So if you can all of a sudden breath you know that baby might be making his/her big debut soon!

Sex can have two types of effects on the baby. One it could rock him/her to sleep and baby will be still after you finish or baby will be wide awake and ready to party! Both responses are normal and the baby has no idea what is going on. Just that all the movement is fun or soothing to your little one. So an active sex life during pregnancy is normal and encouraged!