Week 33

What to expect at 33 weeks

33 weeks - lettuce

Your baby is the size of a head of lettuce.

Day & Night
Your baby is acting more and more like a baby these days. Now they will have their eyes open when he/she is awake and closed when asleep. With the uterine walls becoming more and more thin your baby is starting to tell the difference between day and night. Now if only he/she would remember that once they get into the outside world!

Immune system development
He/She is hitting a major milestone this week. Building the fetal immune system which is going to help your little one fight off any germs outside the womb.

Your body at 33 weeks

Third timester insomnia is starting to set in. There is so much to get ready before the little one arrives that sometimes it takes over. However, sleep is so important right now because once that baby comes you are going to need all the energy you can get. So make sure to get extra comfy and try anything and everything you can to get some sleep and don’t worry. You will know exactly what to do once that little bundle of joy comes into the world.