Week 34

What to expect at 34 weeks

34 Weeks - honeydew

Your baby is the size of a honeydew.

Gender Official
This is the week that your little boys boys will drop if your having a little boy of course. However, 3-4% of little boys are born with out the drop and that is totally normally. It will occur before the first birthday.

Nail development
By now those tiny little fingers and toes have full nails on them.

Your body at 34 weeks

Your not seeing things
Those pregnancy hormones are at it again. If you feel like your sight is off or your vision is way blurrier than normal don’t fear it is mostly due to those hormones. So if you do wear prescription lenses or frames just hold on a little bit longer before you see the doctor to get your vision checked. It all goes away after that sweet little baby is born so your eyes might not be getting worse after all!Along with the blurred vision your eyes might be a little extra dry as well. Talk to your doctor about the best drops for you if you need them.