Week 35

What to expect at 35 weeks

35 weeks pineapple

Your baby is the size of a pineapple.

Fetal Weight Gain
Your little one is now starting to pack on the pounds. He/She will be packing on one to more pounds in the next few weeks up till delivery. So those once skinny arms and legs are becoming that squishy, kissable little baby fat roles that we love.

Soft Skull

Your little one is developing tremendous brain power right now at a remarkable rate. However, his/her skull will remain soft for a good reason. To be able to pass through the birth canal and be held in your arms! The skull will start to harden but your little one will still have a soft spot for quite some time.

Your body at 35 weeks

Gotta Pee
You might be experiencing that first trimester frequent need to pee all over again. This time however it is not the hormones that are making it so you have to pee all the time. It is the position of your little one’s head. He/She is preparing for birth so they will most likely be in the head down position pushing on that bladder.You may also be experiencing some leaking at this point. That is due to the pelvic muscles loosening up in preparation for birth. So if you notice wetness after you laugh, sneeze or just can’t seem to make it to the bathroom in time try these tricks. 1st make sure you are emptying your bladder frequently and completely. Lean forward the best you can to completely empty the bladder. A panty liner also helps avoid any accidents.