Week 36

What to expect at 36 weeks

36 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a spaghetti squash.

Skull & Bones
At this point in life baby’s skull bones are not fused together yet. This is so he/she can easily move through the birth canal. The bones are also soft. Both will harden throughout the first year of life but are soft to help transition from womb to life out in the real world!

By now most of the baby’s systems are fully functional and will support her outside the womb. One that still needs to catch up is the digestion system. This is due to the fact that baby has gotten most of his/her nutrition through the umbilical cord and digestion, though formed hasn’t been in use. This will develop more once the baby is outside the womb throughout the first ear of life.

Your body at 36 weeks

Waddle Time
At this point in your pregnancy you may notice that you no longer have a normal walk. It is more like a waddle. This is due to that massive little bean in your belly as well as your loosening joints.

Pelvic Pain
With that ever growing belly, loosening joints and gravity you may start to experience some pelvic pain. This is totally normal but very uncomfortable. If you are experiencing pelvic pain then relax with your pelvis elevated or try wearing a pelvic sling for these last few weeks of pregnancy.