Week 38

What to expect at 38 weeks

38 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a green squash.

Preparing for Birth
As your body prepares to give birth so is baby. Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid getting ready to swallow outside the womb. That along with other shed cells, bile and waste products will end up being your baby’s first bowl movement. So don’t be surprised when his/her first poop looks like black tar. Baby is continuing to add fat and fine tune the brain and nervous system.


Your body at 38 weeks

Your body is preparing for life with baby and with that preparation may come some odd things that might start to make you nervous. Just relax, breath and if you are ever concerned call your doctor. One of those things will be the preparation of colostrum which is what baby will eat for the first few days before you milk comes in. So if your breasts start to leak don’t panic.