Week 39

What to expect at 39 weeks

39 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a pumpkin.

Full term
Congrats your baby is now considered full term. Baby won’t get much bigger after this point until after he/she is born. The brain however is growing daily and will continue to grow at an astonishing rate until baby is about three years old. It is so much fun to watch them experience life each day!

No tears just yet
Baby may be crying but the tear ducts aren’t fully formed until a month old so you won’t be wiping any tears away for a least four weeks.


Your body at 39 weeks

Signs of Labor
Knowing that you can go any day, you should be watching out for signs of labor. These include your water breaking; diarrhea or nausea (many women experience these types of digestive disturbances just before the onset of labor);; the loss of the mucous plug (the “cork” of mucous that seals the opening of the uterus); and¬†bloody show (your capillaries rupture from the dilation and effacement of your cervix, causing any discharge to appear pink or red-tinged). Once you’ve seen bloody show, labor is probably close so make sure your bags are packed.