Week 40

What to expect at 40 weeks

40 Weeks

Your baby is the size of a watermelon.

Vision at Birth
At birth your little one will only be able to see about an inch in front of his/her face. Also eyesight will be a bit blurred for awhile. However, make sure to talk to your little one because they will know the sound of your voice.

With room getting so cramped in the womb your baby will love close quarters outside the womb. That is why most babies love to be swaddled.


Your body at 40 weeks

Water Breaks
If and when your water breaks that is a sure sign to head to the hospital or call in your birthing team. Baby will most likely be entering the world within the next 24 hours. Not all waters break on their own but if it does happen to you it may be a slow leak, or small gush.