About Us

Online Baby Pool

Babies are expensive!  There’s no way around all the extra costs that come with bringing your little bundle of joy into the world.  That is where BabyBety comes in.  We put a fun spin on raising money for your new arrival.  Use the money however you see fit.  Many use it to set up a college fund, buy necessary baby goods, or help pay for those unforeseen doctor bills.  If you prefer, we can assist in donating your pool donations to a charity of your choice.

The idea of Babybety came about when our CEO and founders, Whitney and Nick, found out they were pregnant in March of 2016. They were living out of their car and traveling the US when Whitney felt a little off. Upon taking a pregnancy test, they saw two blue lines and knew life was about to change forever. With the exciting news, a little bit of panic set in. They needed to figure out where they wanted to make their home, get all their stuff out of storage, and get settled within the nine-month window they were just given. Whitney and Nick decided to return to their roots in Idaho to raise their newest addition. However, with all the moving, buying a house, and trying to get settled, the bills kept adding up. In November, about a month out from the due date, they decided to get their family in on a baby pool. They sent a group text to everyone and decided on a $20 donation amount. With the hassle of trying to get everyone’s guesses on a calendar, collect all the money, and crown a winner (all while getting ready to have the little one) was daunting. They searched for a digital solution but couldn’t find anything that would satisfy their needs. So, with the birth of their baby girl came the birth of BabyBety.com.